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Special thanks to Bill Horten and Michael Claypoole for saving these programs and converting them to DVDs!


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Milestone Episodes

Episode #01
First Episode: May 1990: Author Armistead Maupin; Perry Watkins on discrimination in the U.S. Army, Names Project AIDS Memorial Quilt collage
Episode #07

Debut of new open, used for two years!
Episode #23

Gay Fairfax: The First Year
Episodes (Chronological Order)
Episode #01

Author Armistead Maupin, Perry Watkins: Discriminition in the Army, Names Project AIDS Quilt
Episode #02

Gay and Lesbian Chorus of Washington Ensemble, Vito Russo: Celluloid Closet, Names Project AIDS Quilt montage
Episode #03

Gay Adoption, Jeannette Paroly: Reducing Gay Stress, Fairfax Lesbian and Gay Citizens Association
Episode #04

Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays, Rev. Jerry Anderson: Religion and Gays, Public Schools: Family Life Education
Episode #05

Sexual Minority Youth Assistance League (SMYAL), Virginians for Justice: Hon. Jon C. Hinson, 1990 Gay Pride Day
Episode #06

Romanovsky and Phillips: Gay Troubadors, Jim Patteson: Living with AIDS, Pro Baseball Player Dave Pallone: Behind the Mask
Episode #07

Washington Blade, Congressman Jim Moran, 1990 Gay Pride Day: Pamala Stanley
Episode #08

DC Lambda Squares, Fairfax Human Rights Commission, 1990 Gay Pride Day: Different Drummers Marching Band
Episode #09

Author Dell Richards: Lesbian Lists, Human Rights Campiagn Fund: Lesbian Agenda, Singer-Songwriter Cheryl Jacobs, Gay Trivia
Episode #10

George Belanger: National Commander of Gay Veterans, Lucy Lee Reed: Northern Virginia AIDS Ministry, Lesbian and Gay Chorus of Washington
Episode #11

Dignity / Washington: Gay Catholics, Jamie Grant: National Lesbian and gay Task Forces, Witness: Gay Christian Quartet
Episode #12

Network for National  Gay and Lesbian Alumni Association, DC Different Drummers, Leatherella O.Parsons: Gay Pride Organizers Cookbook
Episode #13

INOVA Health Systems HIV Center, Gay and Lesbian Cruises, D.C. Feminist Chorus
Episode #14

Harry Hay: Founder of Modenr Gay Right Movement, Flirtations: Gay A Cappella Singers
Episode #15

Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays, Gay Men's Chorus
Episode #16

Sexual Minority Youth Assistance League (SMYAL), Witness: Gay Christian Quartet
Episode #17

Virginians for Justice: Gay Lobbying, Mary Helen Mautner: Lesbians with Cancer
Episode #18

Gays Against Abortion, Gary Matthews: Delta Airlines Job Discrimination
Episode #19
The Washington Blade, Black and White Men Together
Episode #20
Gays at War: Operation Desert Storm, Lambda Rising
Episode #21Action Against Hate Crimes, Fairfax Lesbian and Gay Citizens Association

Episode #22

1990 D.C. Gay and Lesbian Pride Festival Special
Episode #23
Gay Fairfax: The First Year
Episode #24
Gay and Lesbian Education Fund, Gays Protest Virginia Ban on Serving Alcohol
Episode #25
Craig Dean and Patrick Gill: Equal Marriage Rights, People for the American Way
Episode #26GLIB: Gay Computer Network, Arlington Gay and Lesbian Alliance, Names Project AIDS Quilt (montage)
Episode #27
Whitman-Walker: HEART Project, Washington Area Gay and Lesbian Educators
Episode #28
Dr. J. Howell Tiller: Plastic Surgery, Maryland Gay and Lesbian Groups
Episode #29
Celtic Society: Scottish Fairies, Estate Planning for Gay and Lesbian Couples
Episode #30
French Quarter Café / 808 King Street, 1991 Gay Pride Planning Committee
Episode #31
Northern Virginia AIDS Project; Gay & Lesbian Switchboard
Episode #32
National Organization for Women's (NOW's) Lesbian Project; Gay & Lesbian Services Guide
Episode #33
Rob Eichberg's "The Experience," a seminar to assist Gays and Lesbians in coming out; Food and Friends,
Episode #34
1991 D.C. Gay & Lesbian Pride Day Celebration
Episode #35
Therapist Mike Young on overcoming childhood sexual abuse; Sistah Neighbah, a women's social group
Episode #36
Gay & Lesbian lobbying organization Virginians for Justice annual meeting; Arlington County Board candidate Michael Ward
Episode #37
(currently unavailable)
Gau & Lesbian Catholic group Dignity/USA biennial convention; Paul Gannon, independent candidate for Fairfax County Supervisor
Episode #38
(currently unavailable)
Election 1991 Special: candidates for Virginia State Assembly and Fairfax County Board of Supervisors
Episode #39
(currently unavailable)
Singer and commedian Lynn Lavner; Creating Change Gay & Lesbian conference media director Robert Bray
Episode #40
(currently unavailable)
U.S. Congressman Jim Moran speaks at Fairfax Lesbian & Gay Citizens Association meeting; Lesbian & Gay Chorus of Washington performs at Gay & Lesbian Pride Festival
Episode #41
Artist Jim Long; performance by singer/songwriter Steve Langley
Episode #42
Gays & Lesbians for Individual Liberty (GLIL) debate on legalized marriage; performance by singer/songwriter Cheryl Jacobs
Episode #43
Deborah Glick, first openly Lesbian New York State legislator; performance of show tunes by Gotham, New York City vocal trio
Episode #44
Human Rights Campaign Fund banquet interviews with HRCF Executive Director Tim McFelley, DC Mayor Sharon Pratt Dixon
Episode #45
Former Air Force Captain Greg Greeley; performance by DC Feminist Chorus
Episode #46
Mauro Montoya of the Gertrude Stein Democratic Club; performance of the Victory Chorus of the Metropolitan Community Church
Episode #47
Alan Stephens, co-chair of the Maryland Chapter of Gays, Lesbian, and Bisexual Veterans; Urvashi Vaid, president of the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force
Episode #48
Geraldine Ferraro, first female U.S. Vice Presidential candidate; performance by the Flirtations, gay a cappella group
Episode #49
Names Project; Traditional Values Coalition seminar at Creating Change Conference
Episode #50
Singer/songwriter Phranc; SMYAL – Sexual Minority Youth Assistance League
Episode #51
Comic Dorothy Hirsch; Second Anniversary Party: Inside/Outside the Beltway announcement
Episode #52
Rehoboth Beach Special: Blue Moon owner Joyce Felton; Police Chief Creig Doyle; happy hour interviews
Episode #53
DC Sports interview with Michael Tinsley (tennis); Inside/Outside the Beltway
Episode #54
SPACE – Rehoboth art gallery with Steve Elkins; Inside/Outside the Beltway