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GNN Anchor Holly Landau, Mitchell Anderson Party of Five, GNN Producer Joe Liberatore and Cathy Rena, Media Coordinator of GLAAD


Gay News Network

Gay News Network was actually a spin-off of Pearson Brown's One in 10 People. After her program left the air in 1995, co-host Joe Liberatore decided to produce his own quarterly program with a similar format. Like many of the rest, it was produced out of the facilities of the Fairfax Cable Access Corporation, Channel 10.

Gay News Network was NOT supported by a community organization or a business but by members of its own support organization. GNN was cablecast or aired on over 80 cable and PBS-affiliated television stations nationwide. Available in 61 markets, the program made gay news accessible to over 10 and 1/2 million homes. Information about past episodes are available on the Internet through a GNN web site -

Based in Washington, DC, the independently produced television show covered the diverse gay and lesbian community through a national network of stations and contributing field reporters and producers. The program won several awards, including three 1996 FCAC Telly Awards, a 1997 GLAAD award and between 1998 and 2000 three awards each year from Alliance for Community Media's Hometown Video Festival. Many original crew members of Gay Fairfax and One in 10 People continued to work on Gay News Network including Kevin Harney, Anna Kramer, Jim Croman, and others.  The program ended production in 2003.