Gay Fairfax
h o m e
h i s t o r y
l e g a c y
v i d e o s
a r c h i v e s
r e f l e c t i o n s

John Harris, Bill Horten, Steve Futch, and Randy Leverette taping the Spring to Life concert

Steve Futch

Randy Leverette
("Eric Randal")


Gay Spectrum

The producers of Gay Fairfax changed its name to Gay Spectrum in the fall of 1993 when the FLGCA Board of Directors refused to allow other financial sponsors of the program. Already Executive Producer Steve Futch had entered into an agreement with the Lambda Rising bookstore for financial support and this was acknowledged in an announcement after the final credits. The new program was exactly the same in format and content with a new theme and opening graphics.

The new Gay Spectrum was co-hosted by Eric Randall (a pseudonym for Randy Leverette) and Angela Judy. Crewmembers (many from Gay Fairfax) included Rob Switala, Dave Johnson, Michael Claypoole, Clark Chesser, Michael Fry, Charles Roberts, Jean Ponton, Gail Goodfriend, and others. New reporters included Melissa Anderson, Rich Kazinski, Rick Barton, and Bob Connelly.

Memorable highlights included an entire program devoted to the D.C. AIDSWalk '94 including interviews with Second Lady Tipper Gore and D.C. Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton and other interviews with Congressman Gerry Studds and White House Aide George Stephanopolous at the annual Human Rights Campaign Dinner.

The show began to loose steam when a very overworked Steve Futch left the show in early 1996. Rob Switala and Michael Claypoole stepped in as co-producers quickly changed the frequency from a weekly to a monthly series. Soon Randy Leverette left the show to take a job with the Home Box Office (HBO) in New York. The last four episodes were co-hosted by Bob Connelly and Angela Judy during the summer of 1996. But enthusiasm for the show had begun to wane, and the Gay Spectrum left the air for good just as Gay News Network was becoming a success.