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Co-hosts Scott Olsen and Judy Hittman

Technical director Lloyd Leifner and director Karen (Pearson) Brown

Karen (Pearson) Brown interviews Lily Tomlin

Back: Scott Olsen, Joe Liberatore, Craig Hoffman, Fred Harris; front: Karen (Pearson) Brown, Judy Hittman, and Pam Matthews


One in Ten People

One in 10 People was an hour long lesbian and gay magazine-format show that was launched by Gay Fairfax veteran Karen (she now prefers Pearson) Brown in 1992. The show was taped at the same FCAC studio facilities as Gay Fairfax.

As the hosts said each show in the intro, One in 10 People focused on "personalities, lifestyles, and arts & entertainment of interest to the gay community." The show was produced by Pearson and a core of about 25 dedicated crew -- some Gay Fairfax crewmembers like Anna Kramer, Mary Dodd, and Kevin Harney and others worked on both shows.

One in 10 People had a roster of volunteers that grew to over 250 people during its two years in production. During the show's run, it garnered numerous accolades including a CableAce nomination, a GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Cable Production, nine FCAC Telly awards, six Hometown Video Awards, and a finalist placement for Excellence in Local Television from the American Film Institute's Robert M. Bennett Awards.

The show was aired on more than 35 stations nationally, and although the show wrapped up production officially in 1995, it was rerun on stations across the country until 1998, and some segments can still be seen today on the show's spin off, Gay News Network.